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About Scully

Scully products offer improved build quality and reliability for customers.

Quality, Reliability.

Scully products will provide many years of dependable service.

Dependable Service.

We understand that quality and reliability should be commonplace in every product. Scully’s purpose-built machines are designed and engineered to deliver robust performance.

Scully machinery delivers robust performance.

The reliability of each part is demonstrated by its performance over an extended period of time. Machine reliability has immediate influence on business profitability through the direct and business wide consequential impacts of failure. Reliability is influenced by the design, parts and component selection, materials and the manufacturing processes used. Machine reliability depends on the reliability of its individual parts. For robust reliability, each part must have far higher reliability than ordinarily needed. Reducing the chance of parts’ failure will increase reliability.

Scully Machines, ‘Robust by Design’.

Designed and built to work efficiently and profitably, with durability and reliability built in.

Works efficiently with reliability built in.

With whole product performance and reliability in mind, we have undertaken the thoughtful design and engineering of all our products. Quality and durability is at the heart of every Scully machine.

Durability is at the heart of every Machine.

We know that machine performance depends on each individual part reliability. Overall, a machine is no more reliable than the part that is not able to perform its role. At Scully, we consider the reliability of the whole machine part by part.

Scully designers seek to ensure robust machine reliability part by part.

Extending machine reliability can be as simple as improved housekeeping, such as keeping breathers clear of dust to prevent lubricant contamination and cleaning dust/dirt build-up off electric motors, bearing housings and gearboxes to improve heat loses.

Extend Machine Reliability with good maintenance practices.

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