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Screen Cleaner

Designed with You in Mind

Designed for feed mill operations, enabling efficient transfer of grain from bulk storage and providing pre-processing screening before the grain enters the particle sizing machine.

Standard Features

  • High Capacity: Up to 5 metric tonnes per hour, depending on commodity and conditions.

  • Powerful Performance: Equipped with a ½ horsepower drive motor and a gearbox reduction system, compatible with both single-phase and three-phase electrical systems. 

  • Easy Access: Features a powered lid for easy access and maintenance.

  • Controlled Air Flow: Air gates are installed if paired with the "Air assist" to control the air suction volume.

  • Low Maintenance Design: This design is very low maintenance, with replaceable wear plates in the hopper and easy part replacement with carriage bolts.

  • Quality Construction: Quality oversized bearings, drives by design, and pre-galvanized materials for lasting durability.

  • Optional Speed Control: Improve cleaning performance with optional speed control.


103" Long 

57.5" Wide 

63.5" Tall 

Screen Sizes 

Customizable Screen Sizes: The screen is offered with different-sized holes (3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4"). Grain falls through the hole size requested by the customer, and larger particles are urged to the back of the screen and dumped into a trash bin.

Quick-Change Screens: Screens can be removed and changed without tools, and you have the ability to use 2 different screen sizes at one time.


Air Assist: Built-in manifold to assist grain cleaning with air, creating a negative pressure in the cleaner and pulling air through the grain as it falls. An extra air suction port can be piped to the milling machine under the cleaner.

VFD Speed control: Enhance your product’s performance with our Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Speed Control. This feature allows precise control of the motor speed and torque, leading to improved efficiency and flexibility.

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